UP | Corporate Charter
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Corporate Charter

Are you looking to build a more resilient and productive workforce? A safer workplace? Do you want better business outcomes?

The UPskill Corporate Charter is the first step!

UPskill accredits businesses whose workplace training strategy integrates essential skills learning into its design.

The Government of Canada identifies the essential skills as: critical thinking, continuous learning, working with others, computer use, document use, reading, writing, numeracy, oral communications.


The Benefits
  1. Recognition of your business/brand on the UPskill website as a charter member
  2. Your business featured in UPskill communications
  3. Membership among a distinguished cadre of businesses making workplace essential skills a part of their training strategy
The Process – Steps to Charter Certification

Step 1. Organizational Commitment to learning as a path to excellence
Step 2. Essential Skills Audit
Step 3. Skills Report and Strategy
Step 4. Learning & Skills Implementation
Step 5. Learning Evaluation

Register for the UPskill Corporate Charter.

A commitment to a workplace learning culture is a commitment to excellence.

Register for the UPskill Corporate Charter.